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Autistic Author Releases “Autism On Acid” Memoir & Audiobook About His Beneficial Use of LSD & Other Psychedelics

United States, California, Oakland – 08-14-2020 ( — Aaron Paul Orsini has released his memoir, “Autism On Acid: How LSD…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 23, 2020

United States, California, Oakland – 08-14-2020 ( — Aaron Paul Orsini has released his memoir, “Autism On Acid: How LSD Helped Me Understand, Navigate, Alter & Appreciate My Autistic Perceptions”. The 132-page memoir—as well as the 3.5-hour, 31-track soundtrack also composed by the author, streamable via Apple Music, Spotify, and other popular music services—is now available as a paperback, Kindle, PDF, or audiobook download via

“Autism On Acid” details the author’s beneficial and intentional use of LSD and other psychedelics following his Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis at the age of 23. Since publication, the author has publicly discussed his psychedelic experiences and associated independent research in greater depth, appearing for a 90-minute keynote presentation for The Aware Project (link to keynote) as well as long-form podcast interviews with Psychedelics Today (link to interview) and (link to interview). The author is also the founder and organizer of, an online peer support & co-learning community “comprised of neurodivergent individuals & neuroscience experts from relevant behavioral, cognitive, social & psychedelic sciences.” The group is presently gathering subjective accounts from other autistics who benefitted from psychedelics via this online questionnaire.In the book, Orsini states “…a dose of LSD does not ‘cure’ my condition, in the way one takes an antibiotic and gets well. Even so, on LSD, my otherwise confusing and overwhelming ASD-related sensory issues seem suddenly manageable. My mind stills. My awareness widens. And my typically obscured ASD-affected outlook shifts from seeming vague and muted to instead feeling readily accessible, orderly, and deeply sensed in a way that allows me to navigate my life, and feel my way forward in a way that was previously impossible before I met LSD.”To purchase a copy of Aaron’s book, audiobook, or audiobook soundtrack, visit more information about peer support & psychedelic integration services for Autistic individuals, visit interview requests or to request press-access editions of the book, audiobook, or soundtrack, please Email

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