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B3C Launches STINK FIX, a Concentrated Additive to FIX the Smell of Stinky Hand Sanitizers Due to Bad Alcohol

CONWAY – 08-13-2020 ( — Conway, S.C., August, 2020  B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, an innovator of new products and solutions…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 23, 2020

CONWAY – 08-13-2020 ( — Conway, S.C., August, 2020 

B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, an innovator of new products and solutions has launched a new product called Hand Sanitizer STINK FIX. Now, you don’t have to waste or worry about hand sanitizer that smells bad. Just fix it with STINK FIX.

Why did we make STINK FIX? With the recent pandemic, the need for hand sanitizers grew quickly. Coupled with consumer stockpiling, the great “hand sanitizer drought” was born. Ready to answer the call, new producers arose. But these new producers did not necessarily use purified ethanol which would have odor causing contaminants removed. Instead, they used organic ethanol (from sources like corn or sugar cane) or even fuel grade ethanol. Organic ethanol can rot, resulting in bad smells reminiscent of rotting garbage or fermented bread. Also, distillers use alcohol with denaturants like Bitrex and Butanol to make the alcohol unpalatable. These denaturants naturally smell bad and aren’t good for your hands. Often, the distiller version can end up smelling like bad Tequila.

The smell can be so bad at times, one may have to hold back their gag reflex as they sanitize their hands, followed by an immediate desire to wash your hands (counterproductive to the purpose of hand sanitizer!). Not to mention the waste and worry experienced by some companies that buy large quantities of hand sanitizer, only to be disappointed when they receive it, realizing they can’t use or sell it because it smells so bad.

B3C has the solution. The new STINK FIX concentrated additive turns smelly hand sanitizer into a lemon-citrus scented sanitizer that is pleasant, usable and sellable again (effectiveness is based on the base hand sanitizer being fixed, and in some instances, the base sanitizer may be “beyond repair”). STINK FIX is available in 32 ounce or gallon sizes. Benefits and features of STINK FIX include:

  1. It permanently eliminates unpleasant organic odors immediately upon contact
  2. Neutralizes and counteracts odors through a molecular bonding mechanism instead of masking odors like fragrances, perfumes or oils
  3. Safe to use and contains no oxidizers, enzymes, or bacteria
  4. Pleasant Lemon-Citrus scent
  5. Simple – Just add recommended amount to bad smelling hand sanitizer and mix it in
  6. 1 Gallon of STINK FIX can fix over 128 gallons of bad smelling hand sanitizer

So, if you find yourself with a batch of putrid hand sanitizer, don’t waste it and don’t worry about it. Just get STINK FIX by calling or emailing the contact in this press release or call the B3C office at 843-347-0482. Visit for more information.

Or if you need a new batch of good smelling hand sanitizer, ask us about our HAND-D Hand Sanitizer, made the right way with purified alcohol that has no bad smell!

About B3C

Based in Conway, South Carolina, B3C Fuel Solutions is dedicated to resolving issues for today’s modern fuels and oils with our line of additives, water absorbers and more. Recently, in response to the pandemic, B3C began manufacturing a premium line of good smelling, effective hand sanitizer and other solutions, including STINK FIX. Call 843.347.0482 or visit for company details. 


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