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How factoring drives the mobile game industry up. Tells the company GAMESUP42

New York – 08-15-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Who actually plays games? The pandemic caused people to get stuck in their homes…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 23, 2020

New York – 08-15-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Who actually plays games?

The pandemic caused people to get stuck in their homes and invent new ways of entertainment to wile away their hours until this all is over. The Internet has become a sort of lifesaver during the hard times providing a crucial link to the rest of the world. The coronavirus outbreak has driven many online activities up, including the mobile gaming market. The result is the spike in mobile game downloads by more than 90% from January to March 2020. It is estimated by the field experts that by the end of this year, nearly 2.5 billion people will use mobile devices as the main source of entertainment. Beating the common stereotype, it is not children and teenagers who play mobile games, but adults over 20. More than 72% of all online sales accrue to mobile game purchasing and in-app payments. The Appboost42 games allows you not only to play your favorite mobile games, but also make new useful contacts, stay abreast of the latest gaming events, develop soft skills, and earn money above all else. Gaming has been remaining one of the most flourishing and stable industries during the global crisis while the technologies it is based on (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G networks) are ever-evolving. Harnessing all these technologies, Appboost42 gaming promises to become the leader in the entertainment industry in the near future. Factoring for game creators and software developersStartups and young firms see the brilliant opportunities created by the gaming market, but most commonly, these small companies do not possess a sufficient budget for production and marketing their projects. In this case, developers hugely rely on factoring financing. Factoring is a financing method allowing the consumer to pay for a product/service with a respite, while the supplier receives money instantly. The consumer and the supplier are not the only participants involved in such transactions. Actually, there is also a factor or a factoring company that grants money for the product instead of the consumer and charges a fixed commission for the provided financing services. In regard to the gaming business, the transaction looks like the exchange of future revenues from the launch of a mobile app for money for marketing immediately. One of the most prominent factoring companies on the world market is Appboost42 and its affiliate enterprise GamesBoost42 for the support of game developers. Both companies belong to Gamesup42 holding.In the opinion of Igor Ivchenko, Appboost42 CEO, the service terms and conditions of the factoring company will vary based on the model of the monetization of the mobile game, its lifespan, and other important factors, but on average, the factoring company will charge a 2% commission from every transaction executed through its intermediation. “We aim to support various development teams, both steadily growing and just starting by providing them all the necessary resources to help expand their projects. There are already many successful cases of factoring – the Appboost42/Gamesboost42 Company offers factoring marketing financing services and effectively contributes to the evolution of the mobile app development market”. Launching and advertising a new mobile application requires heavy investments of at least $100-200 thousand, so it is hardly surprising that young development companies are actively resorting to factoring services. “Mobile games have become essential nowadays, and people of all ages tend to devote more and more time to online entertainment. The coronavirus pandemic only reinforced this trend. Still, the consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, their demands about the quality and quantity of mobile games are ever-increasing. Development studios have to pour more money into marketing their products, but their funding is often very limited. Factoring disrupts this situation by providing opportunities to launch successful marketing campaigns and start selling products without delay”, —shares his opinion Igor Ivchenko, CEO at Gamesup42. 

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