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Integrated GPS Tracking for Clients for all Security Guard Services

United States, California, Irvine – 08-13-2020 ( — American Statewide Security is a Security Guard Company and our mission is…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 23, 2020

United States, California, Irvine – 08-13-2020 ( — American Statewide Security is a Security Guard Company and our mission is to provide our clients with the best security guard services possible.  We believe our mission goes beyond traditional security guard services and encompasses a wide variety of elements fundamental to the daily operations of our clients. Electronic reporting has been becoming a standard in the security guard companies industry, and at All American Statewide Security; we strive to offer our clients the best innovations to make our clients happier and our security guards’ jobs easier. 

Our GPS tracking and real-time reporting is integrated with day and time stamps on all reports and maps so you can see when and where your security guard is throughout their patrol any time you want. Our accountability is top-notch with complete 24/7 transparency, integrity, accountability, and quality service. GPS tracking gives our clients the ability to view date and time stamping on all incidents, and instant access to all reporting as incidents occur.  Implementing our 3 in 1 Real-Time Reporting modules allows us to now transparently and instantly provide our clients with parking patrol, maintenance, security, safety, and liability solutions that they never thought possible. In addition to fully integrated real-time GPS tracking of our security guard services, our technologies additional highlights include:

  • Parking Books updated in Real-Time 24/7 (optional)
  • Fully Customizable Chains of Escalation and Vendor Management
  • Daily Activity Reports in Proactive Liability and Risk Terms
  • Time Savings – Instantly pull Reports specific to an Issue, Priority Level, Officer, Shift, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Property, Building, Unit, and so many more.
  • Improved officer performance in completing tasks and checkpoints
  • QR Codes pertaining to Task Assignment, Safety Bulletins, and Task Completion
  • Complete Transparency – See Issue Creation and Resolution as it happens.

Our security guards are screened to provide honest service for each customer that may need a security guard no matter the industry. All American Statewide Security is built on the integrity of our team, providing our customers with affordable prices that are backed by our quality-service and in-depth evaluations to ensure high-quality transparency and dedication. Our professional security guard services offer quality service and exclusive security plans for each industry and profession. Don’t waste time searching for security guard companies, All American Statewide Security Guard Services aim to provide immediate protection to any establishment. Start protecting yourself and your property before it is too late by hiring a Security Guard Company Orange County. You can rest assured knowing that your home, property, and family is safe with extra eyes on your valuables and property protecting you from any violent crimes or theft.

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