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Millions Worldwide Participated in the Holy Supper

United States, Arizona, Phoenix – 08-15-2020 ( — The Holy Supper, the most solemn celebration of The Light of the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 23, 2020

United States, Arizona, Phoenix – 08-15-2020 ( — The Holy Supper, the most solemn celebration of The Light of the World took place today via a virtual worldwide event transmitted from Phoenix, AZ. The event is a call to communion recalling the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

The faithful joined a live Holy Supper service in a historic digital event.  The event was transmitted from Phoenix, Arizona. Live transmissions from all over the world, including Malabo, Guinea Equatorial, Zurich, Switzerland, Valencia, and Spain were presented. Participants could be seen waving as the image of their own participation in the event flashed across the screen to over 1 million connections. A limited group of faithful gathered at the grandiose temple in Phoenix, Arizona. This group represented the worldwide membership who could not gather in person due to the current global pandemic. The members who attended the event and participated inside the temple observed the health measures recommended by the health department and the governor’s office. The practices of social distancing, face mask and shield, and use of gloves were diligently implemented, among other health and safety measures.Despite the worldwide pandemic, the event united millions of people across the world in over 60 countries. The ceremony of the Holy Supper was broadcasted live on the digital platforms of Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud, exceeding 1 Million total views. The event was also broadcasted on multiple radio stations throughout North America.The religious ceremony ended with a prayer and a thank you statement to the authorities and government agencies.

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