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NEXT Trucking CEO Lidia Yan Lands on Best CEOs List

United States, California, El Segundo – 08-20-2020 ( — recently released an article titled “The 25 Best CEOs of Small…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 23, 2020

United States, California, El Segundo – 08-20-2020 ( — recently released an article titled “The 25 Best CEOs of Small Companies, According to Female Employees.” Coming in at #24 was NEXT Trucking, and it put them in some outstanding company thanks to continued efforts to make them one of the best places to work in the country.

Readers of Business Insider will notice that they put out several interesting polls based on data throughout the year. The method to this poll, in particular, was looking at rankings from Comparably. This website looked at small and midsize businesses only for the study. Female employees reviewed their work directly and indirectly with CEOs at their company, as well as any interactions. All answers were provided anonymously.

NEXT Trucking’s CEO Lidia Yan made the list at #24, and many employees were very positive about their overall experience with her and the company. The specific quote shared in the Business Insider article discussed how engaged everyone is at the workplace, and how every employee has the support needed to achieve the goals they want. With more opportunities to succeed and feel confident, employees dealt with less pressure than with previous jobs.

Since launching in 2015, NEXT Trucking has gone through considerable growth that can sometimes hold back companies when it comes to employee satisfaction. Female employees seem to be very happy with their experience at NEXT Trucking, and that is one of the best signs of healthy growth in the future.

Another positive working in NEXT Trucking’s favor is that they were one of only five companies to make the list with a female CEO. As the CEO of NEXT Trucking, one of Yan’s main areas of focus since the beginning has been helping everyone feel welcome at the workplace. Regardless of gender or race, everyone has a voice at the company when coming up with new ideas and growing.

While it is an honor for NEXT Trucking to make a list, Yan and her team feel like there is still room to grow. Receiving recognition in major publications like Business Insider can help attract new hires when the time comes, and moving up the list makes people feel more confident working with NEXT Trucking as well. This is the beginning of what the company hopes is a solid run of appearances on lists like this. Even if NEXT Trucking graduates into the larger company level, employee satisfaction will remain a very high priority.


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