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Bahrain-based Conglomerate Set to Launch Marriage App

United States, Washington, Seattle – 09-03-2020 ( — MBA Fakhro Group is set to launch a marriage app over the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at September 7, 2020

United States, Washington, Seattle – 09-03-2020 ( — MBA Fakhro Group is set to launch a marriage app over the coming days as a part of its new push into the social networks business segment.  The app, to be available at, will offer an alternative to arranged marriages to people in various societies around the world.   

NotArranged falls under the Social Networks business segment of MBA Fakhro Group, and aims to focus on celebrating the right of women and men around the world to choose a life partner.  Upto 55% of all marriages around the world are arranged marriages, but this percentage is expected to decline over time as economies and societies around the world evolve.  In the major population centers of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, the percentages are even higher.  In many Arab countries, arranged marriages account for upto 70% of all marriages, while in India, upto 90% of all marriages are arranged.  Percentages in Africa are also significantly above global averages.

Commenting on the milestone, Mo Fakhro, the owner of MBA Fakhro Group, said: “We are very enthusiastic about our plans for NotArranged.  Our aim is to offer a safe and reliable alternative to people who prefer to not be in arranged marriages.  With improvements in women’s rights and in personal freedoms around the world, we expect that there will be an increase over time in demand for services like NotArranged.  We hope to offer an app with great technology that brings happiness to the people who choose to use it”.

MBA Fakhro Group is an innovation focused multinational group, headquartered in Bahrain.  The company operates wholly owned businesses in various markets around the world.  MBA Fakhro Group aspires to change the world positively through innovation, and is a pioneer of research and development with many success stories through its R&D efforts in its Ecommerce and Business Software business segments, with innovative businesses like an ecommerce app named Dukakeen, and a human capital management business software service with AI capabilities named Artify HCM.  

Both businesses were born out of its research and development labs and are now present across many markets.  It also owns an ecommerce marketplace platform focused on Africa named NileBuy, and one focused on India named BombayBuy.  Its research and development labs and innovation efforts form the core of the group across all of its business segments and represent the engine that creates many of the new businesses of the group.  In addition to Ecommerce, Business Software, and Social Networks, the group also operates under the business segments of Foods (Applebee’s), Infrastructure, Education (EtonHouse), Fitness (Anytime Fitness), Media, Genomics, Biotech and Mobility, among others.  

NotArranged falls within the group’s future vision of creating better user experiences for people around the world through inventions and innovations.  In addition to NotArranged, the Social Networks business segment of MBA Fakhro Group also includes a number of other businesses such as Touristers (a peer to peer platform for tourists) and OpenArticles (a platform to link article writers and readers), among others. 

Mo Fakhro founded MBA Fakhro Group on June 11, 2000, the day he graduated from Stanford University in Silicon Valley.  Stanford is a renowned institution that was attended by many of the world’s top entrepreneurs in technology including Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Jerry Yang, Bill Hewlett, and many others.  He aspires to prove, through MBA Fakhro Group, that it is possible to be a Middle Eastern company that excels through intellect, and to prove to the youth of the region that the science books that they learn from in school are in fact useful to their future careers and lives, and can be used to create great products and services that change the world for the better.

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