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United States, Texas, Houston – 09-27-2020 ( — It’s normal to want to feel safe about where your car or…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 6, 2020

United States, Texas, Houston – 09-27-2020 ( — It’s normal to want to feel safe about where your car or other vehicle is, especially when a loved one uses it. But very often, the tracking solutions that can keep track of those vehicles are unnecessarily complex, as they can be difficult to install and use. 

And that’s exactly where TrackingFox comes into play. TrackingFox is a GPS tracker that packs a lot of features into a small, easy-to-use package. Weighing just 33 grams, TrackingFox has an accuracy range of within 10 meters. It will also work in most conditions: from -20C all the way up to 70C.To start using this GPS tracker, all you’ll need to do is install it in your car’s OBD socket below the steering wheel, get the app, and start tracking your car immediately, and you can do it all in just one minute. TrackingFox will work with any car in any country.TrackingFox has a wide list of crucial features that are perfect not only for personal usage, but also for companies that want to keep track of their vehicles or staff. These features include:

  • Real-time tracking and history that are accessible at any time, allowing you to quickly see your vehicle’s exact location, plus easily see the driving history
  • Anti-theft alerts that notify you when the engine starts, if there’s any suspicious car movement, or the device is disconnected for any reason
  • Places alerts that will send you a message when the vehicle leaves a designated location, such as a school, office, home, etc.
  • Driving behavior analysis, where you’ll be able to see if the vehicle has exceeded the maximum speeding limits, the vehicle’s traveling distance, the average speed and more.

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