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Hello Divorce Announces Launch in Colorado: A Lower Cost, Less Complicated and Much Healthier Alternative to “Traditional” Divorce

United States, Colorado, Denver – 09-29-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Residents in Colorado can now access the award-winning “DIY” divorce website built…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 6, 2020

United States, Colorado, Denver – 09-29-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Residents in Colorado can now access the award-winning “DIY” divorce website built on technology and offering an easier, quicker and less expensive divorce option. 

The Colorado divorce system is among the most expensive and complicated in the country — with the average cost of a divorce with kids barreling in at $21,700 per person (USA Today). 

Hello Divorce is disrupting the 50 billion dollar a year industry by leveraging technology to cut costs and streamline the overly complicated and inefficient divorce process. In a reversal of the traditional legal model, Hello Divorce puts consumers at the center of their case – providing them access to a first-of-its-kind divorce platform that allows users to work through the divorce process – start to finish – on their own time and without the legalese. The result? A $1,500 quality divorce — lawyer results, without lawyer cost.

While Hello Divorce makes paperwork easier, it doesn’t stop there. Hello Divorce is a full-service online platform that is changing the culture of divorce by making it more accessible, transparent and humane. Hello Divorce guides individuals through the entire divorce process with a library of informative resources, how-tos, instructional videos, DIY options and access to flat-fee lawyers and mediators accessible on-demand and in increments as small as 30 minutes.   

Anyone can use the basic version of the Divorce Navigator for free.  The form-generating feature is provided with a $99/month DIY Divorce membership. For $199/mo, Hello Divorce will process, file and serve all required divorce forms. Do-it-for-you options including mediation are available too – a “divorce with benefits” is $700 a month for 5 months and includes two hours of coaching with a lawyer.

The app is the brainchild of Hello Divorce founder Erin Levine, a Certified Family Law Specialist, who has partnered with local technology company, A2J Tech, to develop easy to follow online interviews that result in instant preparation of the 15+ forms required by the court. “Both Hello Divorce and A2J Tech are committed to making consumer-facing areas of law accessible to the ‘masses’ with a keen focus on the ‘middle class’ who often earn too much to qualify for legal aid organizations but don’t have enough funds to obtain quality and meaningful legal help,” said Levine.

“After revolutionizing divorce in California and saving consumers millions in legal fees, we knew it was time to bring our platform to Colorado — one of the most complicated states in the US to get a divorce without a  traditional full-representation attorney.” said Levine.

Hello Divorce has received praise from the industry and beyond:

“… it almost makes you want to get divorced just to try it out.” – Joe Patrice, Above the Law

“Hello Divorce is faster, more cost-effective, and more predictable than retaining an attorney in ‘routine’ divorces.” – Mark Cohen, Forbes

“… game changer for women who don’t control the assets in their household or a lot of people who are staying legally married because they can’t afford to go through the way too cumbersome legal process, but are too nervous of what they don’t know to just fill in forms themselves.” – Sarah Lacy, Technology Journalist, Author, CEO & Founder of Chairman Mom

Consumers can get started by scheduling a free 15 minute planning session and browsing their helpful resources and worksheets.

For all that is unique about Hello Divorce, some things are reassuringly familiar: access to experienced lawyers, as well as tools and resources written by those in the wellness space to help individuals navigate the transitions that come with breaking up, process grief and reorganize their families and lives to give themselves the best start to a new, happier and healthier next chapter. Visit Hello Divorce at https://hellodivorce.com/ and https://hellodivorce.com/colorado-divorce/

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