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Kai September Drops “A Song To You” Through Sony Music Group

Beaufort – 10-02-2020 ( — Up-and-coming artist, Kai September, unveils her alternative hip-hop single, “A Song To You,” backed with…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 6, 2020

Beaufort – 10-02-2020 ( — Up-and-coming artist, Kai September, unveils her alternative hip-hop single, “A Song To You,” backed with the support of Sony Music Group. Melodic and laid-back, “A Song To You” is a gift for listeners to carry with them. The song opens up with Kai’s soft vocals and eases into a smooth rhythm. Her original style is a singing rap, which is typically a freestyle flow. This time, however, Kai September makes these lyrics intentional. It’s the first song she’s written in advance and the words are perfect poetic expression. Although she’s been writing top-quality tracks for years, this is the first project Kai September is having released by a major record distributor.

“A Song To You” is a showcase of talent. The artist is a mastermind behind the scenes, literally creating every element of her music herself. She’s a skilled vocalist, singing and rapping over her own beats. With a background in band, Kai September is also a percussionist, dabbling in piano and bass guitar as well. She crafts every detail of her work, fulfilling the role of artist, producer, and engineer. “A Song To You” is powered by Kai September’s familiar voice, but in a different style. Kai September projects herself into her music, touching upon both the highs and lows of life experience. Relatable and full of emotion, her songs move audiences to feel something.

I do this for real. This is who I am”

– Kai September


Writing lyrics comes naturally for Kai September. Music is her one constant in life and has become her outlet of self-expression and a source of confidence. She works from her own commercial recording studio where she creates unique and original work. Kai September is driven by organic passion. Young and multi-talented, she is an impressive force in music. Kai September raises expectations by offering a refreshing sound that is always changing to remain relevant.

“A Song To You” by Kai September is now streaming digitally across all major platforms.

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