Sunday, November 29, 2020
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World Record Pranks in One Video Sets New High in Dramatic Fashion for Rebecca Zamolo!

Beverly Hills CA – 10-03-2020 ( — Who can pull off the best prank will leave you in awe of…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 6, 2020

Beverly Hills CA – 10-03-2020 ( — Who can pull off the best prank will leave you in awe of how far one couple will go!

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 2nd, 2020 – When a couple and their best friend get together to see who can pull off the best pranks in 24 hours you knew it was going to get a little crazy.  Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt Slays take cues from David Dobrik with his hiding in a bush prank that went viral last week on tik Tok’s trending page.  Rebecca gets the ultimate revenge and not knowing the full truth that her cousin Maddie mirrors the same exact prank with color dye in the shampoo prank.  Who do you think will pull off the best prank to stop the evil hacker Mr. X and his new accomplice Mr Nice guy?

Backstory: the infamous hacker and evil villain The Red Hood has teamed up with the game master and mr x to defeat and take over Rebecca Zamolo.

Who are these mysterious individuals and what do they want with Rebecca?
For the engaged young and curious YouTube viewer, Rebecca’s interactive storytelling becomes infective – compelling her young fans to help Rebecca and her team of spy hacker sleuths to solve the mysteries and puzzles in her videos. She involves the audience by integrating clues into video comments, her website and throughout the videos themselves. It is for these reasons, she has earned the title of “Gamemaster”. 

This Saturday October 2nd at 9am, join the adventure don’t forget your detective hats, because you are in for a mystery. Check out the video here: 

Head on to  to watch.

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