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Alpha Serve’s Tableau Connector for Jira Updated to Support Jira Cloud

Mykolaiv – 11-04-2020 ( — Alpha Serve has announced an update for its Tableau Connector for Jira plugin. The latest…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at November 9, 2020

Mykolaiv – 11-04-2020 ( — Alpha Serve has announced an update for its Tableau Connector for Jira plugin. The latest version of the connector will now offer support for Jira Cloud.

The Tableau Connector for Jira already provides support for businesses seeking to analyze and understand their operations. With this plugin, Tableau users can derive data directly from Atlassian’s Jira workflows and issues, providing insight into how teams are performing across different projects.

However, the functionality of the Tableau Connector for Jira has been limited. With the original plugin, users could only derive data from the data center and server-based Jira. The latest update extends this capability to cover Jira Cloud.

Increasing numbers of users are opting to leverage the benefits of the Cloud when they deploy Jira within their business. Jira Cloud allows users to deploy the Jira application with no capital outlay in terms of infrastructure and none of the ongoing costs of managing a server. Users pay a subscription fee and utilize the Jira application from the Cloud.

This update for Alpha Serve’s Tableau Connector for Jira makes Jira Cloud an even more attractive option. Users can still experience all of the great benefits of Jira Cloud deployment, as well as gain unprecedented insight into team performance.

About Alpha Serve

Alpha Serve is a team of software developers based in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The team specializes in producing extensions for a range of different business and enterprise software pieces, with a view to enhancing the functionality and convenience of these apps for users. Apps developed by Alpha Serve include plugins developed for eCommerce platform Shopify and for the content management software Magento. 

Some of their most popular work has been in relation to Atlassian’s software offerings. The team has developed secure and reliable data connectors, linking a range of different Atlassian applications with the data analytics capabilities that modern businesses rely on. These are joined by a number of two-factor authentication security apps for Atlassian products, beefing up security, and providing peace of mind for users.

The Tableau Connector for Jira — with the Jira Cloud update — is available from the Atlassian Marketplace right now

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