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Be in her shoes, Deaf Author releases her diary about her life

United States, California, Los Angeles – 11-04-2020 ( — A touching book of extraordinary emotional strength Desperately Seeking Sex by…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at November 9, 2020

United States, California, Los Angeles – 11-04-2020 ( — A touching book of extraordinary emotional strength Desperately Seeking Sex by Nabila Geron is one of those books that is a moving and memorable book. This author’s prose is innovative, modern, lapidary, and seemingly simple at first reading. Betrayed by family members, the Black community, the Deaf community, cyberbullies that want to shut her up in the social media comment section and chatrooms because they are condoning and enabling bullying. She had no voice.

The book is the only way to get her voice heard by millions. The author doesn’t want to show her face, because of fears of the lawsuit from people claiming to be defaming or slandering. Also, she hides her identity because of bullies and people blackmailing.  “I just want to put my life out there for the world to read. Life is a box of chocolate… I mean, men are a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.” – said the author.

This Diary, an author’s life in the shadow, already compared to the diary of Anne Frank, because of its clarity and writing skills, explains her reason for hurting people because she learned that it is so correct. She explained how she is not wanted and is not valued as much as normal people. Trying to channel her sexual energy, she found the men who turned her dreams into a reality as her inner curiosity was satisfied. The sexual experience is one that threatens to break her heart. While trying to figure out what sex is from 1996 to 2018, she shares her journey on how she overcame obstacles.

Nabila couldn’t bring herself to write. She tried hard to block out bad memory. It wasn’t until 2020; she accepted her traumatic life and start writing a book, so people from all over the world could read it. The books covered from when she was a teenager to adulthood, Nabila’s story is too painful for everyone to read.  The book reviewer, Jonathan Press, from the LA Times, described it as “an extraordinary testament to the horrors, ill-treatment from people and to the life that can exist even in the darkest times.”

“She’s praising the outstanding writing. The first reaction from me who have read it has been overwhelming and too painful. From young and old, Nabila has the yearning for a normal life and the longing for acceptance and love from people. Also, forgiveness from people she hurts because of her socially awkward ways” – said the book reviewer, Patricia Paul, from The New York Times.

Ron Charley, from Washington Post, wrote: “When I read it, it was heartbroken… I understood its depth and maturity, and fine writing and with the rise of all the isms – racism, sexism, lookism, etc. – This book was the necessity in bringing it to life.”

Nabila Geron was born in 1970 with Treacher Collins’ Syndrome. Her 332 pages diary, which is being published for the first time, is a snapshot of her life aged 13-47. Nabila faced discrimination and sexism. An aspiring filmmaker, Nabila also fills her diary with dozens of men treated her unfairly.

This heartbreaking book is available on Amazon, KOBO, and Barnes and Noble.

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