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Pam Francis – Larger than Life Houston Photographer

United States, Texas, Houston – 11-06-2020 ( — Houston is decorated with Pam Francis photography. Her work is on billboards,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at November 9, 2020

United States, Texas, Houston – 11-06-2020 ( — Houston is decorated with Pam Francis photography. Her work is on billboards, restaurant walls, and buses, as well as in magazines. Among the older, local crowd, her name is a legend, and her work will always be remembered. The portraitist and commercial photographer passed on July 18, 2020, at the age of 64. 

Francis was once the trusted celebrity go-to photographer in Houston. The mile-long list of people she’s photographed include George W. Bush, Laura Bush, former Texas governor Ann Richards, Destiny’s Child, B.B. King, Olympic medalist Karl Lewis, Maxxam CEO Charles Hurwitz, George Foreman, LeAnn Rimes, chef Emeril Lagasse, playwright Sir Peter Hall, designer Paloma Picasso, Texas lawyer John O’Quinn, rapper Pimp C, Compaq Computer CEO Michael Capellas, and Kevin Costner, just to name a few.Francis’s work has appeared in many publications such as Texas Monthly, People, Fortune, Time, Homes and Gardens, and Continental Airlines Magazine. Some of her work is also found on Francis Wilson came into the world, October 12, 1954, to the delight of Joanne Guest Wilson and Welcome W. Wilson, Sr. the patriarch and matriarch of the well-known Houston family. She grew up riding horses and loving life on the ranch. She lived life skydiving, riding motorcycles, and touring Russia in a helicopter. Her creative nature took her to graphic design school, and then she was inspired to explore photography. Opening her own studio, she focused on portraits and commercial art, quickly building a well-admired and respected reputation.Francis began her photography career within a Houston culture that already had several well-known art and commercial photographers. But she was able to find her niche. She is known for her lighting expertise and the use of a rear slide projector to create vivid, story-telling photos and portraits. One of Francis’s many memorable shoots for people who worked with her was the assignment of photographing businessman Oscar Wyatt. The self-made millionaire figured he had plenty of things to do that day and gave the photographer precisely five minutes to press the shutter button. Somehow minutes turned into two and a half hours as he ended up posing on the Coastal building roof, sitting in one leather chair while his German shepherd lounged in another.The Pam Francis studio was first located in DePelchin Faith Home in Midtown for the first 15 years of her career. Then she moved to Hyde Park and opened her second studio in a historic home, which she turned into a compound. The building included work areas, living space, and a venue that was available to rent for events. She also founded other businesses such as Turn to Texas for photographers to display their work and Real People, which used non-models for photography sessions. She was laid to rest at her beloved ranch in Waller County.

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