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The book Medicines and dosages to cure Coronavirus (COVID19) to be released on October, 27th

17 Ridgehurst road, west orange New jersey 07052 United States – 10-28-2020 ( — COVID-19 has become our daily routine….

By Editorial Team , in PR , at November 9, 2020

17 Ridgehurst road, west orange New jersey 07052 United States – 10-28-2020 ( — COVID-19 has become our daily routine. The oscillations of the spread of the pandemic bring a feeling of anxiety to the reality of the surrounding people. There are more and more people who seek professional help on anxiety, which has proven to be an inevitable consequence of such a challenging period. People are exposed to daily stress from the spread of coronaviruses. The number of victims of this virus is huge. Also, the number of patients who have recovered from the virus is significant.

We are informed daily about precautionary measures and how to act when the first symptoms of the disease appear. Despite the caution, infection with the virus is possible and the testimonies of those who have recovered vary.
However, when a person becomes ill, it is necessary to remember some older tips, and this is exactly what the coronavirus survivor Pierre R. Jouissance did. He believes Jesus has given him the answer to the Coronavirus while reminding him of some experiences left by his parents in the use of the leaves in traditional medicine.

Jouissance decided to selflessly share his experience in his book Medicines and dosages to cure Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

To read this book on your phone, type author-name: Pierre Jouissance in one of the following websites: Barnes and Noble .com,, and, and then you download one of these apps :
– kindle for Amazon
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This book contains a combination of medicines and natural remedies, along with environmental suggestions for ideal recovery. The author has not ignored the contribution of providence on the formulation of his book, who wants to offer the entire world a product accessible to the rich and the poor in the treatment of Coronavirus. Finally, the author has no intention of preventing research into the treatment of the Coronavirus, however, this product is an alternative to stopping counting the deaths.

What every reader will surely be interested in is how to heal. The author of the book provides key guidelines that everyone should pay attention to. First of all, the patient’s environment is the most important, and the answer to the question of what type of water the patient should drink. When and how to take tetracycline and ampicillin? What are the recommended syrup bottles? The author tells us where to put a little castor oil on the body and where a little Vicks ointment. 

Author believes that anyone who contracts the disease can be healed within three days by applying the tips within this book. Also, this book and the tips in it are not a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional, but they are valuable and recommended. Definitely a useful reading about today’s diseases.


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