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MD Black Lobbyists ask President Donald J. Trump to Direct U.S. Education Secretary to Investigate & DEFUND All Funding to Maryland Black HBCU’S-Same Race Discrimination Lawsuits and Complaints by ALL Black Women Students and Staff

United States, Maryland, Baltimore – 12-14-2020 ( — Headquarters for the MD HBCU’S BLACK Academic Swamp-UMES-Black Female Students are PRIME…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at December 15, 2020

United States, Maryland, Baltimore – 12-14-2020 ( — Headquarters for the MD HBCU’S BLACK Academic Swamp-UMES-Black Female Students are PRIME targets for new business educational scheme to rip off Black female students falsifying grades and creating an automatic system to fail them to get their money.

By Dr. Raymond Jones and Dr. Keenan Cofield, The Supreme GRAND Bishop                                                                                             December 14, 2020 3:55 pm ET

All of Maryland HBCU’s are the new swamp and have been for decades disguised as a sacred place to get a higher education. Pending before State, federal courts, to EEOC are mountains of complaints, grievances to lawsuits from same race discrimination to sexual harassment of mainly Black female students to minority staff. A Black female student who was enrolled at UMES is the latest and newest to a very long list of victim of same race discrimination added her 291 page lawsuit against UMES, after facing a Black professor named Dr. Prince Attoh who operated like former Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, and a Black Ms. Daisy, named Dr. LaKeisha Harris, UMES Graduate School Dean, who reminded you like history of Birmingham Bull Connor, without her dogs. 

Here is the list of Defendants:




Larry Hogan, Governor of MD,



Hon. Adrienne A. Jones, and ALL other Members Known or Unknown,

University of MD College Park


Hon. Wallace Loh, President

and/or Successor Darryl J. Pines,

University of Maryland-College Park

University System of Maryland

Attn: Board of Regents and Board of Trustees,

Maryland Higher Education Commission,

MD Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division

Associate Director of Career and Workforce Education,
Maryland Higher Education Commission
Office of the Secretary

Maryland State Department of Education,

State of Maryland

University of MD College Park

Office of the General Counsel

University of MD-College Park,  

Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct,

University of MD-College Park

Ombudsman Officer

Hon. Mark A. Shayman,

Office of the President-UMES/MD HBCU

Dr. Heidi M. Anderson, President,

Dr. Prince Attoh, Program Director, Instructor, Student-Advisor



Dr. LaKeisha Harris, Interim Dean-Graduate School

UMES/MD HBCU, Jason Casares, Dir.

UMES/MD Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance, Dr. Joyce Bell, Interim Chair-DSS

UMES/MD HBCU, Dr. Marshall Stevenson, Dean


UMES/MD HBCU, State of Maryland

STATE TREASURER State Treasurer, Nancy Kopp,

Department of Budget & Management

Central Collections Unit,


Office for Civil Rights Philadelphia Office, Middle States Commission on Higher Education Attn: Hon. Dr. Heather Perfetti, President Elect.


Black MD Lobbyists are Demanding President Donald J. Trump Direct Betsy Devos, US Education Secretary to Immediate launch an Investigation against All MD HBCU’s and DEFUND those Black institutions that are violating and Discriminating Against Black Women of Color, Students and staff

We as Blacks often listen to DEFUNDING the Police, Black on Black Crimes, STOP the Violence, but when a Black kills a Black, NO marches, no peace, and no hell rising in the streets, by Domestic Urban Terrorists. So now we have massive acts of abuse and discrimination by Blacks against Blacks at HBCU’s in Maryland and Black officials like MD GENERAL ASSEMBLY/MD House Speaker-Hon. Adrienne A. Jones, do nothing. Today, we are officially asking President Donald J. Trump to open an investigation on the hundreds of discrimination complaints, sexual harassment, grievances to lawsuits filed by students and staff, mainly against Black women. We ask President Trump to direct the US Education Secretary to DEFUND any and all of the 4 Maryland HBCU’s, of some of the academic problems at UMES, Morgan State, Bowie State and Coppin State to drain the Black swamp, by stripping their federal funding, and placing any and all institutions on probation to taking each MD HBCU’s accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Furthermore, Governor Larry Hogan needs to order and send whites “ONLY” to investigate these known Black problems at all of Maryland HBCU’s and order the immediate firing, removal and termination of each HBCU’s President and others involved from office. 

Governor Hogan, by the way, the Black female who filed the recent lawsuits pending with United States District Court Judge Catherine C. Blake, was your 2019 Governor’s Office award winner, and also a classmate the same graduating year of now Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, both also from California, but graduates of Howard University, a self-sufficient HBCU, in Washington, DC. 

“It made me sick as a Black man to hear, but have first-hand knowledge how these negroes at MD HBCU’s pushed that discrimination piece on anyone, but The Black Women, hell no…., said Dr. Keenan Cofield, MD lobbyist and Supreme GRAND Bishop.   So, in order to get your attention, let’s take it to the white man’s courts, and his federal government, to clean it up.”

MD Governor Larry Hogan just got more problems with his States HBCU’s mess

The Maryland General Assembly passed in 2020 legislative session, but Governor Hogan veto, the settlement funding for all of Maryland’s HBCU’s earlier this year. Now, Governor Hogan, your problems are far worse than those in the long standing 13 year pending lawsuit case, with Federal District Judge Blake in Baltimore, having both discrimination cases. Governor Hogan is now faced with fixing more MD HBCU’s problems that are mounting daily. I have received over 100 calls from students to staff past and present seeking information, not legal advice. 

The State of Maryland offered some 4 times to settle with the recent Plaintiff only to offer her crumbs of a failed system that targets Black women. 

The State of Maryland AG’s office who represents all the Maryland State Defendants made only chump change offers to settle, offering not even an Honorary Degree to settle the case, being the victim of a conspiracy, illegally accessing her grades, changing the grades, on old policies and handbook that are still to date not in effect. Yes, UMES does not currently have and had no valid handbook and/or policies in effect since 2016-17, school year. Each year, each MD University system school must update and bring in effect current policies for that new academic year.  Again, UMES does not have a valid handbook or student policies in effect. The Plaintiffs right to due process and equal protection under the law was strictly violated when UMES officials did not follow the procedures for appeals and grievances. The Black female victim received no hearing as required, at Defendant Dr. Harris acted as the principal at all levels including taking the action to reverse the illegal and unlawful termination of this Black female student, reinstated the Plaintiff, without having the power, right nor authority under UMES policy to do so. The power to take final action rest with the UMES board, after they were to have met with the Plaintiff, which never occurred. Defendant Dean Harris was to follow the final action of the Plaintiff. Defendant Harris, self-proclaimed herself to all the positions in the old outdated policies, violating the Plaintiffs, rights and the powers of the UMES board. 

The email dated October 4, 2018 that sacked Dr. Lakeisha Harris, and who should be awarded “YOU ARE FIRED” as her exit page in the book of Academic Dummies. 

Defendant Prince Attoh submitted the Plaintiff’s grades fully and officially on October 4, 2018. The Plaintiff sent Defendant Harris an email the same day, October 4, 2018. Defendant Dr. Harris had her system on auto-reply, which informed anyone sending her an email; she was out the office, from October 3-5, returning on the 8th of October. The emails and correspondence clearly shows, Defendant Harris and Attoh preplanned to terminate the Plaintiff from the UMES graduate school, as Defendant Harris as a dummy, before Defendant Attoh submitted and reported his grades to the registrar, Defendant Harris prepared the Plaintiff graduate school program death, before Defendant Harris left for vacation, and before the Plaintiffs grades had been submitted all on October 4, 2018, after Defendant Harris who was not on campus. This was the ultimate Black Sham and Black Kangaroo Court, MD UMES-HBCU style. See, this was how these Black folks got down. 

Black Students at MD HBCU’s do not have a chance in their academic program like those of their predominately white counter-part students. 

MD HBCU’s have only one policy, Black, you fail you are out. White’s students have multiple chances to change, challenge or modify academic problems, when you attend all the other Maryland University system institutions. These discriminatory policies must be changed and must be changed by the State to be fair, equal and consistent among all Maryland University institutions. We have identified whites have one system that protects its mainly white and its white institutions, and Blacks have no protection of any value, anywhere. There must be equal justice for all regardless of the makeup of your educational student body and faculty, being white, black, brown, Asian, or others.

All Defendants DECLINED to comment for this story.

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