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Coinomize offers 100% secure and also untraceable bitcoin mixing at budget-friendly rates

United States, Alabama, Adamsville – 12-24-2020 ( — The idea that Bitcoin is completely anonymous is not entirely true. There…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at December 25, 2020

United States, Alabama, Adamsville – 12-24-2020 ( — The idea that Bitcoin is completely anonymous is not entirely true. There is a record of every transaction ever made in the blockchain. And they can be viewed and analyzed by anyone. People who see them and know the addresses of others can trace back every transaction the other person has ever made. The renowned bitcoin mixer Coinomize offers full privacy and preserves the anonymity of its users by allowing them to mix their bitcoins easily and effectively. With its service, bitcoin users will be able to disguise the connection between the sender and the receiver. At reasonable fees, the user’s Bitcoins can be mixed with other Users Coins. In this way, the transactions cannot be traced back to the users.  

Many bitcoin users have already used Coinomize’s services on a regular basis, which makes Coinomize one of the best bitcoin tumblers. It is one of the most reliable and secure bitcoin mixing services currently.  

Coinomize offers fast and instant bitcoin mixing. In order to maintain Anonymity, bitcoins need to be mixed. This is very important in the crypto business. With instant mixing at Coinomize, users can make their Transactions untraceable in the shortest possible time. They send users clean coins automatically after shuffling. When using its service, no user’s data is stored, creating even more trust. Users can easily delete their order by themselves after shuffling.  

Even if users forget to delete their data, the site will delete it automatically within 72 hours. Their service fee structure has a wide range. Depending on the level of fees and airtime delay, anonymity is determined. Their fees are quite low compared to the other third-party mixers on the market and can be self-selected.  

Coinomize is the best solution for bitcoin users in countries where BTC is illegal.  

Government authorities can trace transactions back to the users and fight against them if you do not use a  bitcoin laundry. With a bitcoin mixer service, users can easily mix their BTC with other users Coins and get clean coins back. Bitcoin mixers are extremely popular as they can be used without leaving a trace. Cleaning Bitcoins in this process is also very time-saving and takes just some minutes. The Bitcoin Blender offered by Coinomize is one of the most secure on the market. 

Their service is available on both computers and cell phones. Their Android app is available for download on there Website, making it also to the first mixer to offer its own app.  

The bitcoin blockchain is open to all. Coinomize breaks the blockchain from the Root and leaves no logs  that can be traced back to bitcoin owners. Whenever a  transaction is made, no matter how many times it is sent from user to user, it can still be traced back to the wallet address of the original owner. Coinomize erases all connections between them and the previous user or activities. The transactions can never be linked back to the original owner. The complete mix process takes only a few minutes and you get freedom back in return .  

Coinomize is extremely user-friendly. Their services are extremely easy to use and suitable even for complete beginners.  

Anyone with no prior knowledge of technology can use their bitcoin Mixing service. With 3 simple steps, anyone can hide their identity and successfully mix their Bitcoins. First, users need to enter their BTC address, as well as set the rest of the desired settings and send the coins to a newly generated address. The service only requires 1 confirmation in the blockchain and then they Mix your BTCs immediately afterwards.  

After the mixing is finished, Coinomize sends the clean BTC to your specified address. The usage is completely safe and also not illegal, no user’s data is ever stored or can be traced back to you.

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