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United States, Ohio, Cleveland – 01-11-2021 ( — Plus, Pink Cloud Media introduces ‘The Sports Bar Marketing Playbook’   (January 11,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at January 12, 2021

United States, Ohio, Cleveland – 01-11-2021 ( — Plus, Pink Cloud Media introduces ‘The Sports Bar Marketing Playbook’  

(January 11, 2021) — Pink Cloud Media, LLC, a consultative and solution-based creative marketing agency founded by Strategic Marketing Expert, Josh Lang, has officially launched its platform. The agency is putting a fresh spin on traditional marketing with a customer-facing virtual brainstorming service that will help small business owners achieve their marketing goals with the click of a button. 

Pink Cloud is bringing a more personable and collaborative approach to the process of traditional marketing. Pink Cloud Media provides a resource for real brainstorming specific to client’s businesses and provides needed solutions.  

We are focused on education, and we want to get you excited about the potential of your business. Our company can be that external partnership you need to get you through any initiative, whether it is a short term or long-term solution you are seeking,” says Founder and CEO Josh Lang. “I set out to build an agency that will level the marketing playing field and will focus primarily on telling your business’s story by utilizing our expertise to highlight your niche products and services. The same grit and enthusiasm I have for my brand is the driving force that my team and I will have for yours.” 

Pink Cloud’s virtual brainstorming platform will be accompanied by offerings that include the Sports Bar Marketing Playbook, a downloadable marketing template described as, ‘the ultimate guide to market a sports bar.’  The packages for the playbook also include virtual consulting sessions with Lang, to help implement the elements of the Playbook. Based on the package, included consulting sessions vary.   Three packages are available for annual subscription. 

Sports Bar Marketing Playbook Link:

Founder Josh Lang comes from years of experience in the hospitality world, applying strategic marketing and brand building to the new virtual platform. Lang’s business and hospitality experience include management roles and partnership positions at The Light Group and Clique Hospitality in Las Vegas, leading dozens of marketing, promotional, sales, and experiential initiatives on both a local and national scale.

Traditional Marketing Services offered by Pink Cloud Media include:

Customer Curated Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Ideation & Brainstorming, Branding & Design, Packaging & Design, Copywriting & Blog Writing, Email Marketing, Managed Media Buying, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Event Marketing. 

Innovative services new to the customer base will be a Customer Curated Virtual Brainstorming platform, described as a high-level automated brainstorming service, powered by ZOOM. Pink Cloud offers companies ongoing consulting through the platform to ask questions and engage with their experts through calls and user messaging interface. Three levels of the subscription services will be available after the first of the year. 

“At the core of Pink Cloud Media lives the idea that passion and creativity are the lifeblood of success in any business, but most importantly, when dealing with any marketing platform. I thrive on the ability to partner with brands from the stage of pre-launch through the creative process, development, and implementation phases.” – Founder and CEO, Josh Lang.

The 2021 Sports Bar Marketing Playbook was constructed to help sports bar owners expedite the time they spend on marketing their establishments. Creating engaging social media content, understanding what games are on, and most importantly knowing how to directly and effectively market to their audience, and this playbook gives bar owners, operators and marketers more time to focus on driving bodies to their front door and increasing profits. 

“I have spent years creating the most organized and efficient marketing strategy for the sports bars I have been associated with. We were able to create a formula for success and now at this crucial time in the restaurant and bar world, I have decided to pass on that knowledge and experience to my friends, colleagues and competitors. I want to see everyone win.”

Through years of work at world renowned venues in highly competitive markets such as the Las Vegas Strip, notable establishments, and internationally recognized hotels, side by side with well-respected CEOs and hospitality leaders, Lang developed invaluable knowledge and skill that sets him apart. Pink Cloud is the next phase of differentiation in an ever-evolving hospitality marketplace.



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