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How Multi-Instrumentalist Sisters, Jill & Julia, Known as, The Pretty Wild Are On the Rise and Changing the Country Music Industry

United States, Tennessee, Nashville-davidson – 01-14-2021 — Sisters Jill and Julia, musically known as The Pretty Wild, are creating a…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at January 15, 2021

United States, Tennessee, Nashville-davidson – 01-14-2021 — Sisters Jill and Julia, musically known as The Pretty Wild, are creating a buzz in the country music industry with their refreshing new sound! Their music stands out due to its genetic harmonizing blend of witty lyrics and empowering new concepts. Jill and Julia began their music journey years ago after losing their mother to Breast cancer back in 2010. The girls decided to move from their home state Indiana to pursue music full time and share their empowering stories. 

The Pretty Wild ended up going on tour as an opener for many well-known country acts throughout 2013-2019 and eventually signed a management deal with music executive, David Nathan who was an integral part of Taylor Swift’s pop music success. Nathan states, “When I first met Jill and Julia aka The Pretty Wild in a restaurant in Louisville, I knew they were special. The look, attitude, talent, and vision did it for me from the beginning. We are tweaking some things now but the core is the same. Hard-working, focused, and dedicated to their craft and taking Nashville and beyond by storm. I can’t wait for this next chapter!”

During this past summer in 2020, the girls released a single, “Tell Me” that audiences began to really connect with. The girls managed to sync top spots on many well-known streaming playlists like Apple, Spotify, Radio Disney, CMT, and Pandora just to name a few. It is clear that the girls have been gaining momentum and turning big with industry player’s heads with rapid support and approval towards their music. 

Industry professionals state that the girls have a sound unique to them and that’s part of the reason their music is resonating with audiences so much lately. Leslie Fram, senior vice president of music strategy for CMT commented that “The girls have a very cool sound. They are on their way.” Many industry professionals agree that they can’t quite pin down who or what, The Pretty Wild sounds like. Jill says, “I think one of the reasons we stand out and people connect with us is because we are different and our music is unapologetic. We are not the girls that ask permission. We are gritty, raw, edgy, and I think people feel like we are offering something new to connect with as artists.” Julia adds, “Our live shows get pretty crazy and audiences totally vibe off our wild card energy! I think the audience likes seeing us play all our instruments and hopping around the stage. Lol, it’s a party for sure!”  Jill mentions, “We are all about transparency in our music and I think we are seeing how much that is really impactful to young women especially. There is definitely a void that we have begun to fill in the industry!” The girls are currently working with some major artists on new projects that they cannot wait to officially release in 2021!

You can learn more about The Pretty Wild on the website here or reach out to them on Instagram @wearetheprettywild.

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