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All Natural Hemp Elixir: The Perfect Alcohol Substitute for Dry January

United States, Texas, Austin – 01-20-2021 (PRDistribution.com) — It’s the first month of the year and with all our New…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at January 21, 2021

United States, Texas, Austin – 01-20-2021 (PRDistribution.com) — It’s the first month of the year and with all our New Year’s Resolutions, inevitably one of them almost always involves our health and wellbeing. One of the most popular health trends to kick off the start of the year is Dry January. Millions of people participate annually, and the trend is only building momentum (even adding another dry month to the calendar, Sober October). If you haven’t participated or are not even sure what Dry January entails, this is the month to start your best sober living.

What is Dry January?

Dry January, also known as Drynuary, is when people commit to skipping booze and alcohol for the month of January. It starts in tandem with healthier eating habits in the new year, and is a great way to refresh and start new with one’s overall wellness.  

How Did It Start?

Although the annual no-alcohol challenge is relatively new, the first “Dry January” campaign was run by the charity Alcohol Concern in the U.K. in January 2013 with just 4,000 people. Since then it has grown exponentially, and in 2020 4 million people took part.  This year in 2021, over 6.5 million people are expected to participate in Dry January.

Why Do It?

Participating in Dry January might be especially appealing after the isolation, stress, and loneliness of 2020. With a month off of drinking alcohol, you’ll not only be able to readjust your drinking habits, but cleanse your system, analyze your relationship with alcohol, and save some money. 

According to Alcohol Change UK, nearly one-third (29%) of adults surveyed said they drank more in 2020 than previously and are drinking more often (31%). People also reported “drinking to cope” and expressed concern about how much they drink. 

The millennial generation is also showing a huge shift towards embracing sobriety and focusing on health. According to YPulse’s Sobriety Shift research, In 2020, a third of 21-36 year-olds participated in Dry January, an increase from 24% who planned to participate in 2018.

Substitutes for Alcohol

With a whole month to cleanse your system and refocus on things outside of alcohol, there are plenty of new and modern alcohol substitutes for you to fuel your mind and body. AMMA Healing’s all natural hemp product ELEVATE Elixir is a way to make Dry January easier than ever before. With zero THC, zero additives, and zero alcohol, their hemp elixir provides the body with a multitude of benefits and mental clarity both for the sober curious and Dry January participants. Try whipping up one of their mocktails and spritzing a few drops of ELEVATE in to feel the buzz without any booze this January.

CBD and hemp products like ELEVATE that substitute for alcohol set a new standard for social celebrations, giving consumers all the calm and no hangover. Once Dry January comes to an end, people often continue on the no alcohol streak as their renewed bodily cleansing and freshness are too good to give up. 

Ready to participate in Dry January? All you have to do is start and join us!    

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