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United States, Oregon, Portland – 01-28-2021 ( — January, 28, 2021 – The new inspirational book, The Art & Truth…

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United States, Oregon, Portland – 01-28-2021 ( — January, 28, 2021 – The new inspirational book, The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women marks Andrea Firpo’s debut as an Amazon #1 International Best-selling Author. This powerful new anthology by Powerful You! Publishing ($20US/$27CAN), ISBN 978-1-7356579-0-5) is a collection of stories by women from various backgrounds and experiences. 

Andrea’s story, “Moving Past Fear Into Courage” shares some of the challenges she faced in the months leading up to her diagnosis of Graves’ Disease, and the major transformation she underwent as she healed herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It empowers readers to build awareness around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma, which is undermining their own sense of value and self-worth.

“Graves’ Disease turned out to be the catalyst I needed,” Andrea states, “to shift my mindset, educate myself, and reach for better tools to create positive change. That journey, which included a lot of energy work and the expansion of my intuitive skills, helped me to clear outdated beliefs, heal the underlying emotional causes, and eventually, discover the modality I use to help women from all different backgrounds move into self-love and connect with their own gifts. I became their Psychic Cheerleader, giving them tools to transform their lives just as I transformed mine.”

Andrea is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), empath, starseed (also known as an “advanced soul”) whose purpose is to serve humanity during this critical period in its history. In doing so, she draws on a wealth of personal life lessons and experiences that prepared her to serve as a spiritual healer and teacher – a psychic cheerleader – for others. 

This book contains stories of twenty entrepreneurs, coaches, and practitioners who have transformed their lives by ‘getting real’ with themselves and making conscious shifts to lean into their calling and personal truth. Although each of their lives and stories are different, the common thread is a focused mindset, open heart, and a willingness to make shifts and be flexible on their path. 

All stories are intended to assist and provide hope, direction, and inspiration for individuals who wish to make changes in their own lives to feel more aligned, empowered, confident, and peaceful. The transformation these authors have experienced does not mean that things are always easy for them now, but instead that they have found a way to access more honest responses to difficult situations and emotions. 

Andrea teaches her clients new ways to heal while consciously creating a new version of themselves, activating exponential abundance, health, and prosperity. Just as important, she helps them activate their own spiritual gifts, transmute internal programming, step into alignment, and connect with their truth so they can continue the process of healing themselves. 

“I meet my clients where they are,” Firpo states, “often in their darkest place, and use a multifaceted approach to empower them to explore what is holding them back from feeling incredible and living a life they love. My clients are those who have already tried other methods of therapeutic healing and are looking to fully embody the lessons, virtues and gifts once and for all. 

I teach you what every health professional already knows; I also give you the immediate tools and shortcuts so you are the steward of your own healing and growth. We work together to reprogram you for heightened career performance, better relationships, increased self-esteem and more.”

Andrea also highlights the stories of incredible women in her podcast, “Brilliance through Resilience.” Andrea lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and works with clients everywhere.

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