Thursday, April 22, 2021
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“Going2Health” Talk Show Launches From People, For People

SAN DIEGO – 02-02-2021 ( — Top Medical Experts Join In Health Conversation A fun and edgy talk show called…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 3, 2021

SAN DIEGO – 02-02-2021 ( — Top Medical Experts Join In Health Conversation

A fun and edgy talk show called Going2Health is launching today featuring a collection of information, research, and stories from real people for people about one thing we all have in common – health. Through conversation and curiosity, the goal of the program is to bring insight and clarity in a way that is entertaining and easy to digest. Streaming on and where you get your podcasts, the series premieres this week. 

Filmed and produced by REV Studio in La Jolla, Calif., Going2Health gives viewers an unscripted, deep dive into a variety of medical topics. Each episode features a new medical expert to help breakdown and explain topics ranging from professional athletes and extreme sports to sleeping habits to modern injuries such as gamers’ thumb, avocado hand, and other medical mysteries. The series includes the following episodes: 

• Quest for Quality Sleep, Dr. Perry Mansfield (Otolaryngologist/Founder of SENTA Clinic)
• We Got Your Back, Dr. Kamshad Raiszadeh (Orthopaedic spine surgeon/Founder of SpineZone)
• Stress & Anxiety, Dr. Patricia Lotufo (Chiropractor/Neuro Emotional Technique practitioner)
• Athletes Pushing the Extreme, Dr. Robert Bray (Neurological Spine Surgeon/Founder of DISC)
• Modern Injuries, Dr. Kristopher Downing (Upper Extremity Orthopaedic Surgeon)

“One theme that has been consistent the past few months is that medical information can be intimidating, filled with jargon, and often confusing. Through research, we found a niche in the talk show space to deliver health and wellness information in a way that is accessible,” explains Lynne Arciero, Going2Health’s producer. “We saw an opportunity to create a platform for real people to interact with some of the top medical experts in the country and discuss health care topics in a way that is unscripted where no question is off-limits. The doctors featured in each episode welcomed any and every question the hosts had and did not hold back.” 

Going2Health features hosts Ilene Kruger, Carlos Castro III, and Hayley Murphy to address this growing need. Each with their own perspective and take on health, bring their unique experiences to the conversation. 

Ilene Kruger, a former English as a Second Language professor and current comedian, leads the conversations with a witty perspective. Carlos Castro III, a project manager for an energy services company and avid surfer, supplements with his fresh take and outlook on life. And Hayley Murphy, a registered nurse, offers her insight into the medical field, paired with her curious and quirky personality. 

With thought-provoking discussions on ambiguous, eye-opening, and inspiring topics from the medical space, Going2Health will provide viewers a deeper understanding of doctors’ perspectives on various medical topics.

To stream episodes of Going2Health, please visit or subscribe and listen to episodes where you get your podcasts. 


About REV Studio

REV Studio is one of San Diego’s premium studios for all things production. In the heart of La Jolla Village and blocks from the ocean, REV Studio features a 25’ x 15’ infinity Cyclorama wall, as well as state-of-art camera and lighting equipment. Its goal is to empower businesses, brands, and agencies to have a greater impact through holistic, cinematic strategy. Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the hosts are seated six-feet apart to observe social distancing protocols.

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