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Roberto d’Aubuisson’s proposals weaken Henry Flores

Santa Tecla – 02-18-2021 ( — With less than two weeks remaining for the municipal elections of Santa Tecla, the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 19, 2021

Santa Tecla – 02-18-2021 ( —

With less than two weeks remaining for the municipal elections of Santa Tecla, the candidates “rush” the time to win the Mayor’s Office.

Roberto d’Aubuisson is the favorite, among the rest of the candidates. Ten points ahead of Henry Flores, from New Ideas.

Roberto d’Aubuisson’s proposals

Roberto d’Aubuisson is characterized by keeping his promises.

The two legislatures of Roberto d’Aubuisson are translated into projects, which the Tecleños are grateful for.

The actions of d’Aubuisson for the coming years are summarized in five lines:

  • Improve access to water in the municipality, with Hidro Tecla.
  • Improve urban and rural mobility.
  • Build new innovative parking solutions.
  • Professionalize the Corps of Municipal Agents of Santa Tecla (CAMST).
  • Expansion of coverage of municipal services.

Roberto d’Aubuisson responds, with actions, to everything that the tecleños demand.

Security, with Roberto d’Aubuisson

Security is an essential political line for Roberto d’Aubuisson.

Escudo Tecla is the star project, come true. An integral, technological and human system, to provide security to the tecleños.

Video Surveillance Cameras, dog units, transit units, etc.

The tecleños are very happy with all these actions. The 300 Video Surveillance cameras provide peace of mind, in the streets:

“We have a very safe city, with all the cameras. There are few assaults. With the cameras, everything remains calm. Roberto d’Aubuisson’s work has paid off ”, comments a neighbor in a survey.

The next step is the professionalization of the Santa Tecla Municipal Agents Corps (CAMST).


Among their proposals stand out:
  • Creation of a CAMST academy: physical and psychological preparation of agents.
  • Agents specialized in subject areas.
  • Agents are more humane and closer to the people.
  • Application of technology.

Roberto d’Aubuisson makes an effort, on the security issue, because he is aware of how important it is for the Tecleños.

Mobility with Roberto d’Aubuisson

Parking and mobility matter to the tecleños. For this reason, Roberto d’Aubuisson offers solutions to make the municipality walkable and safe:

  • Plan to improve urban roads and universal accessibility.
  • Sustainable urban parks.
  • Improvement of cycling infrastructure.
  • Smart parking.

Henry Flores: an empty candidate

On the other hand; Henry Flores, his main rival, has not yet heard any proposal as a mayoral candidate.

His political script is to praise Nayib Bukele and ‘copy’ actions, previously presented by Roberto d’Aubuisson.

This scenario does not occur, Roberto d’Aubuisson continues to be the best option for the Tecleños.

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