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United States, Iowa, Marion – 02-25-2021 ( — HEALTHY HABIT COACHING OFFERING HEALTHY HABIT TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM  Clients Experiencing Amazing Transformations…

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Clients Experiencing Amazing Transformations On Program

Dateline: Marion, Iowa February 2021 — Clients are experiencing tremendous results with Optimal 5&1 Habits of Health Program. Healthy Habit Coaching founded by Matthew W. Brownfield, Certified Life Coach, has found tremendous success by offering the Transformational Program. Some clients on this program have experienced weight loss that has been truly life-changing. One such client Rachele, who just started has lost almost 20lbs since starting February 1st . Matthew discussed one clients transition so far:

 Rachele’s story is part of a larger journey that is transforming lives around the country. COVID-19 really hit a lot of people hard and now that it appears we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel somewhat, people want to get back to semi-normal activity in their daily lives. What many are finding is that this season they have put on some weight during that period. This speaks to a larger issue with the typical American Diet. We consume far too much sugar, too much flour, and have created habits of disease versus habits of health. This system is designed to help you create healthy habits.”

 The program offered focuses on what Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, co-founder of the Optimal 5&1 Program calls “Macro-Habits” these are:

 1. Habits of Healthy Weight Management 

2. Habits of Healthy Food & Hydration 

3. Habits of Healthy Motion 

4. Habits of Healthy Sleep 

5. Habits of a Healthy Mind 

6. Habits of Healthy Surroundings 

When asked to describe these Matthew said, 

“These macro habits are the keys that unlock a person’s success. Diets do not work because they do not focus on creating these longer-term healthy habits that allow a person to have long term weight loss success. This program teaches and helps a person install these healthy habits into their lives helping them achieve long term success.” 

The program has plans that can support those with diabetes, thyroid issues, or high blood pressure. 

When asked about the effectiveness of the program to be able to support those with these types of conditions, Matthew said, 

“All I know is that I’ve personally witnessed individuals with high blood pressure and diabetes come onto the program and find success. I know a client whose physician removed them from their blood pressure medicine and was reducing it over the course of their own journey.  Once they had lost 80lbs the medical provider took them off the med.    For another client, again, all I know is they were taking Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes, they joined the program and started losing weight. The A1C this client reported was 8.1 and again the physician monitored this client and at their last appointment their A1C was 5.6.   In both cases, doctors saw improvement in them and were the decision makers.

The program itself is not a ‘magic pill’, but those who have decided to transform their health through this program have found a key to help improve their overall health and well-being.  The program focuses on the 6 Macro-Habits regarding Body and Mind in creating these healthy habits.  

Healthy Habit Coaching recommends as with any weight loss program that new clients consult their physician or medical provider before joining or with any medical concerns.   

When asked why this seems to work whether other program fail, Matthew said:

When Your Why is Greater Than Your Why Not—Transformation Happens 

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