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Pinnacle Lending Covid Relief Knows What Matters Most

United States, California, San Diego – 02-26-2021 ( — During the pandemic, a lot of stories have revolved around things…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 28, 2021

United States, California, San Diego – 02-26-2021 ( — During the pandemic, a lot of stories have revolved around things that have happened at the top of the story, such as government actions and policies, and about things that have taken place at the bottom of the story, such as how individuals have been struggling to cope with it. Yet that leaves a very big slice of the narrative relatively unreported.

Between those upper and lower jaws of the pandemic, a lot of people and organizations have been caught trying to both survive and be of as much assistance to their fellow man as possible. As with all things American, private charity and generosity always rise to prominence in any emergency. With such a large and lingering emergency, it is only natural to expect that Americans of all strata are doing the hard work necessary to overcome the challenge of our times.

In no other field can those struggles be better illustrated than in the financial services industry. With so many people suddenly out of work through no fault of their own and with no opportunity of finding other employment, making those monthly payments has not been easy. 

Many in the financial industry have recognized this terrible Catch-22 and taken steps on their own to provide relief for their customers. Nobody in the government has forced these organizations to provide such forbearance, but they have done so in the genuine American spirit of helping out your neighbors and not worrying about who gets the credit.

In some instances, firms have waived normal handling fees for those who wished to donate to various COVID research projects racing to find a cure that would benefit everyone. One small bank in New Jersey, Cross River, stepped up to the plate and wrote so many COVID emergency loans that the gross value was more than double their own capitalization. Despite being a one branch operation, they made it onto the same list as financial giants such as Chase and Wells Fargo in terms of how much help they provided.

Knowing that the need for immediate cash was urgent and that the envisaged government relief was flowing through the swiftly-moving bureaucracy of the IRS, financial services provider Chime arranged for more than 1000 of its customers to overdraw their accounts with no fees in anticipation of aid eventually arriving.

Many firms became cognizant of the inadvertent hurdles placed on companies frantically seeking PPP loans to stay in business and keep their employees working. Software provider MX wrote a specialized PPP application app on a crash basis and then distributed it at no cost to financial institutions everywhere.

As President Roosevelt aptly observed in the early days before America’s entry into WWII, lending your neighbor a garden hose when his house is on fire is the only right thing to do. You don’t haggle over the price or set terms for how it can be used. You put the fire out and then worry about administrative matters afterward.

Pinnacle is a personal lending company and Pinnacle Premiere’s services have helped thousands of clients paying off high interest credit card debt, home improvement repairs, paying off student loans, and other debt items.

Pinnacle has been in business for 4 years not to be confused with any other mortgage or bank with Pinnacle in their name, they are a premier personal loan provider in the USA, with tons of great reviews and testimonials who they helped during COVID-19 when relief was needed most. 

As part of the Pinnacle Lending COVID relief effort, the company has been pleased to work with its customers in finding ways to help put those fires out. The goal at this point is not to make money but to keep the overall economy afloat and wait for high tide to lift our economic boat off the rocks.

Everybody will be able to resume the voyage in safety or everybody is going to end up shipwrecked on the beach. At least that is how Pinnacle Lending sees it. When it is finally time to see what the Pinnacle Lending COVID Relief reviews have to say, it would be unconscionable to say that the company salvaged itself at the expense of the people who made the company a success.

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