Trump does not think he can agree on the budget

President Donald Trump was skeptical today to be able to agree on a budget with the Democrats that includes the financing of the border wall, a controversial measure that he once again... Read more »

Trump’s friend and former advisor charged and arrested

Roger Stone, a long-time friend and informal advisor to Donald Trump, was arrested on Friday and charged with investigating a possible collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign team and Russia, the bureau... Read more »

Trump’s Trade War Could Collapse Cheese Producers off the Foreign Markets

As President Trump’s belligerent trade estimation induce other countries to reciprocate with barriers to American goods dairy farmers and cheese makers in the swaying beaming green hills of Wisconsin are becoming worried... Read more »

Mike Pence calls on US diplomats to promote legal immigration

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday urged US diplomats to point out that legal immigrants are always welcome in the United States, even as President Donald Trump loudly claims a wall on... Read more »

The world’s most popular coffee species are going extinct: Study

More than half of all existing wild coffee species are threatened with extinction, according to a study by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, West London, published in the science journal Science Advances... Read more »

Federal Scientists Reveal How American Catch Food Poisoning

Federal scientists reveal how American catch food poisoning, through a newly released video based on kitchen safety training. The researchers associated with study initiated the move after getting a nasty revelation from... Read more »

Americans waste 150000 tons of food per day: study

Americans waste nearly 150,000 tons of food a day, equivalent to about a pound of food per person, a study said Wednesday, stating that fruits and vegetables were the products most frequently... Read more »

California billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong buys the LA Times for $500 million

The transaction, which includes the San Diego Union Tribune, means that the newspaper will have a local owner for the first time in 18 years and will end the tense relationship with... Read more »

North Korea Continues Building Its Nuclear Research Facility

North Korea continues building its nuclear research facility, according to monitor report disclosed on Monday. Despite committing a promise to step up forwards to denuclearize the peninsula, in the Singapore summit with... Read more »