Mother of eight adopted children arrested after the death of her nine-year-old daughter

A woman from Rhode Island, USA, was arrested after her nine-year-old adopted daughter, whose condition required special attention, was found dead in the bath at the residence. Michelle Rothgeb was arrested on... Read more »

Activists found guilty of leaving water and food for migrants

Four volunteers from an Arizona humanitarian group were convicted of leaving food and water for migrants at a national wildlife refuge in the desert. The decision on the four women members of... Read more »

Federal Scientists Reveal How American Catch Food Poisoning

Federal scientists reveal how American catch food poisoning, through a newly released video based on kitchen safety training. The researchers associated with study initiated the move after getting a nasty revelation from... Read more »

Wildlife the Culprit Behind Outage

The northern portion of New Mexico experienced a 20-hour mobile phone and Internet outage last week and now officials know why. A team of contractors sent to investigate and repair the the... Read more »

Swiss balloon team sets new record

Two Swiss gas ballooners landed near Labrador City on Tuesday, after an epic journey of more than 2236 miles. Labrador City Fire Rescue received a call from Switzerland stating that a gas... Read more »

Two Teens Arrested in Wrestling Coach Tussle – Superintendent Eats Crow

anta Monica, California – District Superintendent Sandra Lyon is finding out how hard it is to eat crow after she jumped the gun and suspended 60-year-old Santa Monica wrestling Coach Mark Black... Read more »

Angel Fire Airport Crash Kills 4

Four individuals aboard a single-engine aircraft attempting to depart the Angel Fire Airport in New Mexico over the weekend were killed when the plane crashed shortly after take-off. Although airport officials decline... Read more »